It’s so great to meet you! I’m Steph, writer and creator of Simplicity Happens. I’m a busy mama of an adorable little boy and a precious baby girl! In my free time, I love to create and design activities and ideas for little ones and families!

I love sneaking visuals into ordinary, everyday tasks to keep my little ones engaged in the experience. I also love to create and design children’s books on language concepts, toddler/preschooler activities for language development, and chore/routine charts. I also happen to love tracking my progress on personal goals such as personal finance, fitness and nutrition, and contentment.

As a mother, wife, and Speech-Language Pathologist, I strive to live simply while enjoying the important “things” in life. This includes creating experiences with my family, finding joy in each day, reading with my children, exercise, creating digital artwork, and getting enough sleep (which I’m finding is a bit tricky with little ones around).

My family and I have come along way with living simply, which has helped us thrive in so many ways. We have a great work-life balance, which has supported our family with making positive life transitions for creating a happy home!

My goal is to reflect on the simple life strategies that have worked for our family in order to support other families like YOU with fun and useful visuals including busy/quiet books, reading charts, and chore/routine charts! If you’re interested in creating your own quiet/busy book, click on “Subscribe Here” to begin receiving access to over 10 FREE activities with more on the way with each monthly newsletter! All of these activities were created with passion and care for my little ones in hopes to support ALL little ones with BUILDING language/cognitive skills while PLAYING! I hope you find something of benefit for your life and family as you look around the blog!

Any questions? Feel free to contact me!