Just stopping by to present my most recent story, “Chloe’s Hearts!”

You and your little ones can join Chloe, a caring unicorn cat, as she travels around and learns about the magic of friendship! As Chloe shares her colorful hearts and kindness with others, she experiences the amazing reciprocity of kinship! Chloe’s Hearts is meant to create a positive and encouraging dialogue between parent/caregiver and child in the following ways: Chloe’s Hearts, designed for little ones, especially children ages 2 to 6 years old, includes an interactive story dialogue featuring who, what, and where questions, story vocabulary, positional concepts (top/bottom), and color knowledge (with supplemental tracking sheets included) for use as your child develops and grows their knowledge of vocabulary words, positional concepts, colors, and responding to who, what, and where questions. When the story asks a question such as, “Who is at the top of the hill?,” give your child time to listen, look for, and locate the intended picture target. Once your child identifies the intended picture target (e.g., pointing/labeling, responding), continue with the story and respond by adding more language dialogue for your child to hear (e.g., “Yes!” “Theo is at the top of the hill.” The textual framework is there to help guide you through this interactive dialogue with your child.

This book is for parents of children with speech and language disorders and speech/language delays, and Speech-Language Pathologists, Special Education Teachers, and General Education Teachers working with students on answering -WH questions, understanding color vocabulary concepts, and positional words. Don’t forget to look for a secret password to unlock more adorable activities that go with Chloe’s Hearts for your children and students!

For more books by Steph Winkeler, SLP-CCC, check out “Bruno’s Ball: A Speech/Language Book on Positional Words.”

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