Looking for extra help for your young reader? This beginning reader activity book infuses reading, writing, memory, speech and language, and phonics skills all in one book! Duck & Jack features a short story with “ck” words. This story is filled with targeted “ck” beginning reader activities and games to help your child’s skills and confidence with reading and writing. Read the short story and play a matching card game with “ck” words from the story, answer story questions with cut-out companion cards, sequence the story using first, next, then, and last sequencing cards, and use the writing pages to write your favorite words from the story and create your very own sentences.

Support your child with a multitude of reading/writing/language skills:
-Repetitive Book for Children featuring “CK” words
-Sequencing using First, Next, Then & Last
-Story Comprehension Cards
-Matching Game Cards with “CK”
-Receptive/Expressive Vocabulary Labeling

You can view the read loud and supplemental activities here:

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