I’m starting a new project to create clipart stories for children. Bonus…I’m putting speech sound targets within the story! Check out this Under the Sea Adventure story combined with some cute creations from the dollar store to bring the story to life!

In this story, Addy finds a crown, magical cape, and map to complete the mission of finding the buried treasure! Along the way, she finds a ship and navigates around a shark to find the missing key. Then, she goes on a quest for the buried treasure! What’s inside: You Decide!

Clipart Story Cover!

Addy loves mermaids! So she finds a mermaid doll in the box!

Went to the dollar store and made a toolbox into a treasure box with some stickers and a lock and key!

Inside the treasure box is a mermaid doll, jewels, and coins! Great for recreating the story at home!

If you are interested in a clipart story for your own child, check out my Etsy Shop!


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