Follow Zach, an adventurous little boy, as he creates an amazing dinosaur adventure in his own backyard. Go on a problem-solving adventure with Zach and his dinosaur buddies as they work together to rescue Wally, the beloved Pterodactyl, from the big tree in his backyard. Video Read Aloud below!

Zach’s Dinosaur Expedition is meant to create a positive and encouraging dialogue between parent/caregiver/educator and child in the following ways:

Zach’s Dinosaur Expedition is designed for children ages 2-8 interested in dinosaurs, rockets, space, adventure missions, and problem-solving situations. This story includes an interactive story dialogue & story vocabulary sheets.

•Children and students can listen for clues, look for visuals, and make predictions for problem-solving throughout the story to help Zach on his rescue mission to help Wally.

•This story is also created for Speech & Language Therapists working with children on producing /l/ and /l/ blend speech sounds.

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