Looking to help your toddler learn to talk by using common toddler words? You’ve come to the right place! These activities are packed with concepts to support your little ones with learning about receptive and expressive language development, identifying high-frequency vocabulary words, positional words, pronouns, identifying basic shapes and colors, counting and number identification, and more!

If you’re all about creating your own DIY quiet book activities, look no further for resources to get started. I have built a love for designing my own activities! As a proud mama of two little ones under five in addition to my background as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I have created these fun activities to share with you. Take a look at each one and subscribe to the Simplicity Happens newsletter to gain access to all of these activities through the password protected “Activity Garden!” Directions included in the first newsletter!

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If your little ones love trucks, bunnies, frogs, bees and flowers, check out this engaging night time busy book activity which focuses on counting and learning to use plural form!

How does your little one do with sorting, matching, and identifying colors? Find out with this colorful Fishponds quiet book activity!

How are your little ones doing with sorting, matching, and labeling shapes? Find out with this gameboard shape quiet book activity. Bonus: it focuses on colors as well!

Ready for your littles ones to start counting? Check out this playful piggy in the puddle game activity!

Have fun labeling with this high-frequency word busy book activity!

Positional words are my favorite! Little ones will have fun putting the animals in different places at the pond with this quiet book activity!

Ready to count turtles? Stack and count turtles from 1-20 with this fun busy book activity!

Learn pronouns while filling up the grocery cart with food with this shopping-centered busy book activity!

Have fun counting and identifying numbers with this piggy in the puddle quiet book activity!

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