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Here is the supply list I used to create the task box system

Jumbo Popsicle Sticks for making big & little pond animals.

Click here to purchase jumbo popsicle sticks on Amazon

Click here to purchase 3-inch acrylic discs on Amazon

Check out the shipwreck boat picture label on this plastic disc.

Click here to purchase 8.5 X 11 printable sticker sheets on Amazon

Perfect for printing your background pictures. Makes the process super fast.

Click here to purchase round sticker labels for the circular discs and box storage on Amazon

It’s so nice to be able to store my boxes away and keep them organized.

Click here to purchase clothespins on Amazon

These are shorter and wider, which is perfect for the animal and camper images!

Optional: I found these boxes in bulk, but I think a shoebox works best for the plastic discs as they are more sturdy. These boxes are great for the clothespin and popsicle stick activities.

Click here to purchase 20 boxes in bulk on Amazon

I like these because they allow you to put the clothespins on the sides. However, they are not as sturdy as a shoebox so I’ve had to use duck tape on the boxes with the discs.

Click here to purchase this craft knife for cutting the slots on the shoebox top on Amazon