This story is meant to create a positive and encouraging dialogue between parent/caregiver/educator and child in the following ways:

Ellie’s Candies is designed for little ones, especially children ages 2 to 5+ years old, and includes an interactive story dialogue & story vocabulary. Supplemental tracking sheets included for use as your child develops and grows their receptive and expressive knowledge of these vocabulary skills.

•This story focuses on the skill to choose 3 identical pictures out of a field of 4 pictures by indicating which pictures are the same. When the story gives the prompt, “Which pieces of candy are the same?,” give your child time to listen, look for, and locate the intended picture targets.

•Once your child identifies the intended picture targets (e.g., pointing, labeling, responding) independently or with your support, your little ones will then problem-solve and make a prediction (or guess) about which candy Ellie will search for based on the matching picture targets. The textual framework is there to help guide you through the story.

Ellie’s Candies invites dialogue, discussions about the winter & holiday season, and identifying “same” items. Best of all, Ellie and her search for delicious candy will bring out your little one’s big imaginations to ignite even more exciting conversations!

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