Want to make sure your child’s school belongings never end up in the lost & found again? Now you can with your child-designed, custom-made bag tags for bookbags, backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases and whatever else you feel is valuable enough to keep out of a lost & found! This is a win-win for kids, parents, & teachers! Check out the video below to see how to make your own or purchase one from the Simplicity Happens shop!

Design customizations can come with your custom image, child name plate, grade level (example: 3rd grade), and anything else unique to your child’s school needs!

Prices Include: This listing is for 1 Bag Tag Set (1 Large/1 Small). You get two bag tags (one for bookbag size, one for lunch bag size). Other listings will be included in the Simplicity Happens store (coming soon).

Custom Physical Bag Tags: Have your custom design created for you as a product shipped to your door!
1 Bag Tag Set (Large/Small): $8.50

Message Me for any Questions!

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