I post all of the time for busy educators and parents to support their little ones. Today, I’m doing something a little different. I am posting a daily mood tracking journal for busy parents and educators to help support YOU.

This journal is something you can use each day. Simply journal for 5 minutes before bed, summarizing the events of your day and noting how you’re feeling about your daily experience. Circle a dot to symbolize your contentment for the day. You’ll be able to keep tabs on patterns in your life and how you are feeling about them.

As a busy mama and educator, it’s nice to be able to find patterns and make connections in my own life so that I can take action to create change and truly live my best life. What about you? If you like to briefly journal and collect data about your life, this journal will be a nice addition to your livelihood.

It’s truly been life changing for me. I hope you find it life changing for you as well!

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