Early Intervention Toddler to Preschool Task Box System (DIGITAL PURCHASE ONLY)





-5 downloadable Templates: Ocean, Camping, Pond Life, Farm, and Treasure Hunt

-The discs, shoeboxes, sticker sheets, and other materials are not included (there are directions and a supply list page included to get you started with the system)

-I am in the process of creating back to school and fall-themed task box templates for future and will be coming out with those soon. My goal is to build at least 20 task boxes that can be used for each season of the year. If you have any ideas or would like more guidance, reach out to me at simplicityhappens@gmail.com

Task boxes for toddlers and children in preschool are so important for child development. As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I use task boxes all of the time to help support the little ones I work with, and these are DIY and inexpensive. This task box package (digital thematic templates with instructions) are great for early interventionists and educators including Speech-Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, ABA therapists, and Special Education Teachers. Additionally, preschool teachers, and parents and caregivers will love these versatile task boxes to help children develop their child development skills! This task box system digital package includes the following thematic activities:

Under the Sea, Treasure Hunt, Camping, Farm Animals, and Pond Life: each activity incorporates speech and fine motor skills for toddlers and children in preschool.

These task boxes are created with the focus on the following skills:

Speech Skills

-in/out & open/close, following directions, picture Matching, concepts: big & little, turn-taking Interactions for sharing, and supports joint attention and engagement to increase time spent on task completion.

Fine Motor Skills

Pick up with Pincer Grip, Horizontal/Vertical slots for problem-solving, take off/put in for multi-step directions, and facilitates task completion.


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