Speech/Language Springtime Books Collection




This spring, give the gift of speech/language concepts! This springtime collection of speech/language books is perfect for ages 2-6! Add it to your gift list for spring birthdays, Easter, and celebrating the spring season with your little ones. This spring collection includes the following books:

Hattie’s Hive: Follow Hattie, Ziggy, and Pixie, three hard-working honeybees. Learn about first, middle, last and the honey-making process. This speech/language book will support the  learning concepts (first, middle, last).

Sunny’s Garden: Your little ones will learn sequential time concepts (first, next, last) while hopping along with Sunny, a hungry little bunny.

Poppy’s Flowers: Your little ones will learn about the Life Cycle of a Flower, superlative markers (-er, -est), and size comparisons as Poppy and her fairy friends describe each part of the Flower Life Cycle. Includes labeling a flower and a rhyming story.

Each speech/language story offers a free printable companion activity that you can find on the Simplicity Happens website. Look for the secret password inside each book to unlock the interactive activity with your little ones!




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