One Lucky Clover is inspired by the Spring Season and is a great thematic story for use in the month of March. This story includes a focus on basic WHO and WHERE questions with adorable characters and an adorable spring theme featuring clovers, rainbows, and a pot of gold. Companion WHO and Where question cards included.

One Lucky Clover is meant to create a positive and encouraging dialogue between parent/caregiver/educator and child in the following ways:

One Lucky Clover is designed for children ages 2-6+ interested in nature, rainbows, clovers, and pot-of-gold themed stories. This story includes an interactive story dialogue, story vocabulary, and WHO & WHERE question cards.

•Children and students can listen for clues, look for visuals, and answer WHO & WHERE questions throughout the story.

•This story is also created for Speech & Language Therapists & Special Educators working with children on answering WHO & WHERE questions.

When I read this at home with my little ones or at school with my students, I have them act the story out as we read. For example, I will give out a green puff ball as a clover in addition to giving each child a cauldron and gold coins. When the story has the clover go up, up, up, my students and I move the clover up into the air to interact with the story. I’ve found pairing movement during reading creates a play-like experience, and it’s incredibly helpful for the learning process in addition to keeping children engaged with the story! 

I bought the green puff balls, cauldrons, and gold coins at my local dollar store, and the kids really love reading the book with the activity. I give out gold coins when answering questions so they can look forward to filling their pot with gold. Adding a rainbow would be perfect as well!

Here is the read aloud:

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