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Top 3 Strategies for Implementing Morning Routines With Toddlers/Preschoolers! This activity is available in the “Activity Garden,” which is located on the top menu bar of the Simplicity Happens webpage! Read on to find out more!

Every mama is busy! Life with little ones can be hectic, exciting, hectic and joyous all at the same time. I sometimes don’t know how we can manage it all but we do! 

Let’s get real with morning routines. There is so much WORK that goes into getting toddlers up and moving, especially in the morning. I think the hardest times for me have always involved transitioning from out the door and into the car each morning. There’s just too much to do! Once you get the little ones ready, is there any time left for you?

I want to try and make this problem a little easier for you. Thus, I have a visual schedule waiting for you today in the Activity Garden. Continue reading and you’ll find out more.

Throughout all of the chaos and hecticness I’ve experienced over the last couple of years with getting my toddler up and moving, I’ve begun to use some strategies that have increased my inner calmness and decreased my inner stress. This in turn, has been so helpful in supporting my son with getting himself ready. Here are 3 strategies that have improved our morning routine and will hopefully help yours as well.

  1. Visual Schedule: There are three things I want my three-year-old son to do each morning. This includes going potty, getting himself dressed and brushing his teeth. All independently. Once I began implementing this visual schedule, I noticed that he gets himself up, goes potty, and gets dressed. Brushing teeth is still a work in progress. The success is in the visual, simplicity of only three routines, and the tactile reward of being able to place the apples in the barrel after accomplishing his routine. I also like that this supports his ability to sequence and follow directions. It’s a win-win all around.
  1. Consistency: Each morning, this visual schedule is on the kitchen table. It is readily accessible to him so that he can accomplish his morning routine. I am also there to support him with following his routine each morning if he gets distracted by playing with toys as the visual schedule helps me keep him on track.  However, I have noticed that the first thing he does after getting up is to go potty and get dressed! This makes me a very happy mama! 
  1. Positive Praise: I am always there to notice when he has completed his routine. I get really excited about his accomplishments and specifically tell him, “Great job going potty and getting dressed this morning all by yourself.” He hears this and is more motivated to accomplish his morning routine. He also enjoys placing the apples in the barrel, and I give praise for that as well! 

So the three strategies include a visual schedule, consistency, and positive praise. It doesn’t happen overnight, but you’ll start to notice the changes, gradually, over the upcoming weeks and months. 

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