Overwhelmed by having too many visuals for teaching your child a variety of skills? Time to get this All-in-one FREE Fish Visual for tackling a variety of skills for supporting your child with positive behavior shaping, chores, routines, and potty training.

As a mama of two littles ones under 5 and an experienced Speech-Language Pathologist working with young students, this visual chart has helped me with supporting my 3-year-old with potty training, helping around the house, praise for exhibiting positive behaviors, and independently following routines in the morning, midday, and at night. It’s all-in-one so you don’t have to look for a visual for each skill you are teaching. Most importantly, it teaches your child through a story format by telling your child that the fish needs help getting around the pond to hang with their friends. What’s the way for your child to help? You child has these chores to perform, routines to follow, etc. in order for the fish to make it around the pond!

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It’s also motivational for your child while helping them learn how to become independent! In the meantime, here are some images! Sign-up form at the end of this post for subscribing to the Simplicity Happens newsletter to get this FREE adorable chart for your family! Note: This is a digital download. After downloading and printing, you can laminate and put on adhesive dots. Click Here for Resources I use to DIY this Chart at Home

Work on routines like the “Night Routine” pictured above. Help your toddler work through each task of the night including taking a bath, getting dressed for bed, brushing teeth, and going to bed! For each part of a routine completed or for each full routine completed, move the fish around the pond!
Work on potty training goals. Maybe you want your toddler to tell you when they need to go potty. Maybe you want your toddler to go potty on their own. Maybe you just want to get them in the bathroom and sit on the potty-they don’t even have to go! Whatever step you are on in the potty training process can be incorporated with this chart!
Work on chores like the “Daily Chores” pictured above. Help your toddler work through each chore throughout the day (examples include putting toys away, setting the table, feeding the pets, etc.) Place a movable fish around the pond for each chore complete or at the end of a series of completed chores. Give your child a reward when they reach the end of the pond!
Give extra praise for positive behavior by acknowledging when your child is kind, respectful, listens, follow directions, or makes good choices! Let them move their fish around the pond when you catch them in acts of kindness or completing tasks by listening and following directions!

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